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Question description
Course Outcomes: Students will be able to:
1. Articulate the link between relevant work experience and their graduate school courses
2. Apply concepts from their courses to relevant work experience
3. Apply Experiences from the workplace to their courses
First subject: 1)


The Agile Architecture Revolution: How Cloud Computing, REST-Based SOA, and Mobile
Computing are Changing Enterprise IT, 2013, Jason Bloomberg, Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-40977-0.
The Architecture of Computer Hardware and System Software: An Information Technology Approach, 5th edition, 2013, Irv Englander. Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-80310-3.
Building a Windows IT Infrastructure in the Cloud, 1st edition, 2012, David K. Rensin, O’Reilly Media, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-449-33358-4.
Business Data Communications and Networking, 11th edition, 2012. Jerry Fitzgerald. Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-1-118-08683-4.
Business Intelligence: A Managerial Perspective on Analytics, 3rd edition, 2014, Ramesh Sharda, Dursun Delen, Efraim Turban, and David King. Pearson Education, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-12-385126-0.
Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice, 2013, Dan C. Marinescu. Elsevier, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-12-404627-6
Data Architecture, 2011, Charles Tupper, Elsevier, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-12-385126-0.
Green Communications: Principles, Concepts, and Practice, 2015, Konstantinos Samdanis, Peter Rost, Andreas Maeder (Editor), Michela Meo, and Christos Verikoukis (Editors). Wiley& Sons, Inc., ISBN: 9781-118-75926-4.
The Executive’s Guide to Information Technology, 2nd edition, 2007, John Baschab, and Jon Plot. Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-470-09521-8.
Mobile Design and Development, 1st edition, 2009, Brian Fling. O’Reilly Media, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-596-15544-5.
Second subject:
Management Information Systems
Information Technology for Management, Turban/Volonino/Wood, 10th Edition, John Wiley &
Sons, Inc., 2015; ISBN: 978-1-118-89778-2 (hard cover) or 978-1-118-99429-0 (looseleaf).
Please use below Scenario:
Below is my pervious subject. Just mentioned it for example.
Need an 2-3 pages in APA 6th edition
Earlier literature that have explored the impact of IT infrastructure capability on firm or process performance investigate the impact based on aggregated measures of IT capability on business or firm .This approach treats IT capabilities as a black box and does not provide an insight into the details of impact of each individual infrastructure capability on the business process. It provides only an indication to management that something needs to be improved in the IT infrastructure capabilities instead of an actionable conclusion. For example, if we treat IT infrastructure capability as black-box then it will be difficult to understand whether the reach and range of information sharing problems are due to PISs or data management services (DMSs). Hence, even if we use process oriented approaches, IT management may not be able to identify the weakness of individual infrastructure capabilities and might not be able to take necessary action for improvement.
A second approach is to take each individual information technology infrastructure capability and analyse its impact on customer management processes as a block instead of each of the processes in customer management .This approach provides an insight into the details of impact of each individual infrastructure capability on the entire customer management process. However, it does not provide the contribution of each IT infrastructure capability on each of the customer management business process. This does not help management to zero-in on the business process that needs to be improved. For example, if there were an imbalance between acquisition process impact and maintenance process impact on process outcomes such as persistency and market share, the impact of partner integration on each of these processes would be difficult to identify, making it hard to arrive at an actionable plan.
Link Outcomes from my Second Course to My Workplace
• Manage the scope, cost, timing, and quality of the project, at all times focused on project success as defined by project stakeholders.
• Align the project to the organization’s strategic plans and business justification throughout its lifecycle(Kerzner, 2009).
• Identify project goals, constraints, deliverables, performance criteria, control needs, and resource requirements in consultation with stakeholders.
• Implement project management knowledge, processes, lifecycle and the embodied concepts, tools and techniques in order to achieve project success.
• Adapt projects in response to issues that arise internally and externally.
• Interact with team and stakeholders in a professional manner, respecting differences, to ensure a collaborative project environment.
• Utilize technology tools for communication, collaboration, information management, and decision support.
• Implement general business concepts, practices, and tools to facilitate project success.
• Apply appropriate legal and ethical standards.
• Adapt project management practices to meet the needs of stakeholders from multiple sectors of the economy (i.e. consulting, government, arts, media, and charity organizations).
• Apply project management practices to the launch of new programs, initiatives, products, services, and events relative to the course(Beynon, 1989).
Applying Work Experiences to My First Course
As I said before my company Cigna corportation company that deals with many different clients. Some of the times we get clients who want to venture into e-commerce because of the profits that online shopping generate.I have thus had an experiencing in consulting with these clients and participating in projects that delivered the EC system that the client desired. Thus I have been exposed to EC and this has made it easy for me to grasp some concepts of E-Commerce.
Applying Work Experiences to My Second Course
Project Management in my workplace are usually acquired by being given a project to lead or sometimes being given a client that has a significant problem that needs to be solved. The act of communicating to my project team and handling the issues faced by my client has helped me as it makes able to deal analytically and creatively with the case studies presented at class..
Work Proposal
As a proposal for my employer I would like to improve the process of handling and communicating to clients. While the process is sometimes rigid I would like to be able to interact with the client so that a formal and interesting process can be established. The process should be the one presented in the managerial communication skills course. This will avail the clients we are consulting with a handful of recommendations and opportunities that will arise if the recommendations are followed. This proposal shall have a timeline of 1-3 months so that the organization can try it out before approving it for official implementation.

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