Information Systems Site Visit Paper (Nursing)

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Information Systems Site Visit Paper (Nursing)

Information Systems Site Visit Paper (Nursing)
Paper instructions:
Information Systems Site Visit Paper
For this assignment, students will choose a person to interview at a facility (clinic or hospital) that utilizes EHRs. Some possibilities include the Informatics Nurse, Risk Manager, Director of Patient Access (Medical Records), Director of Pharmacy Services, Manager or Director of Billing, or Chief Nursing Officer. Choose a focus for the interview from one of the following main topics:
Medication reconciliation and medication administration safety – Pharmacy Director•
Bridging the gap between Nursing and Informatics – Informatics Nurse•
Behind the scenes – what does it take to keep a paperless facility running smoothly on the EHR – • Informatics Nurse or IT specialist
Billing in the EHR setting (compared with paper) – Patient Accounts/Billing•
Medical errors/patient safety – Risk Manager•
Productivity – CNO or Nursing Director•
Prior to the interview, write five to 10 questions pertinent to the chosen topic. These questions will be submitted to your instructor for revision and approval by the date listed on the course calendar. Sample questions will be posted on the discussion board. Upon receipt of approved interview questions, schedule and conduct the interview. Based on the interview, write a paper incorporating information learned in this course. The paper should be no more than six pages excluding the title and reference page. The paper will need to be formatted in the current version of APA, and the interview questions may serve as the headings for organization purposes.

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