International politics

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Select the question from the list below,
again referring to primary and secondary texts where appropriate to advance an argument.
Again, we expect you to give us an exposition of the main arguments and issues being considered in the text(s) that you analyse, and to give us an evaluation (which can be positive or negative) based on your understanding of the main issues at stake, and the debates in the existing literature.

MUST link it to 2 theories from the following:
1) Kant on peace and progress
2) Democratic peace theory
3) Carr on morality and knowledge
4) Lenin on imperialism and conflict
5) Waltz on theory
6) Wendt on anarchy
7) Feminism
8) Post colonialism
9)  Marx on capitalism, class and progress
10) post structuralism
11) Neoliberal Institutionalism: The Neo-Neo Debate and the Limits of Rationalism
Pick a question:

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1. Which provides the best explanation of war: classical realism or neo-realism?
2. Is it possible for international politics to become more peaceful over time? Answer
with reference to TWO of the theories you have studied.
3. Neoliberal institutionalists have sacrificed too much from classical liberalism,
leaving them unable to explain international politics adequately. Do you agree?
4. Which is best able to account for the extent of international cooperation today:
rationalist or social theory? Answer with reference to TWO theories.
5. What does Constructivism tell us that the English School does not?
6. Choosing two IR theories, which provides the most compelling account of the effect
of anarchy on state behaviour?

So you must link any of the theories there (as long as its more than 2, less than 5) and use them theories to link it to the question – find a good amount of primary and secondary sources

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