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Field: Information Systems
Exam Questions
1) Explain the similarities and differences between clusters, warehouse-scale computers, and datacenters.
2) Manually convert the decimal number 877 to binary and then to hexadecimal. Do not use tables. Show how you arrived at your answers.
3) Determine the three most popular formats for digital color images and construct a table comparing the capabilities and features of each.
4) Diagram the typical register usage in a CPU.
5) Differentiate between RISC, CISC, and other traditional architectures.
6) Identify the components of the CPU and describe how each component affect performance.
7) Explain the general role of buses in computers and describe the different buses and each of their individual purposes.
8) Compare and contrast cache and virtual memory.
9) Identify some of the key principles of memory management.
10) Discuss data-level parallelism (DLP): vector, SIMD, and GPU processors.

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