justification statement

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Create a Project Justification Statement

Content Criteria
Contain at least two paragraphs that convey the relevance of the over-arching topic in which the proposed research study is grounded.
Explain the research focus and its relationship to the discipline or field of study that supports the need for, or opportunity to, conduct the proposed project.
Describe the issue, situation, problem or opportunity that reinforces the need to implement the study.
Be thoughtfully supported with evidence from current literature that reinforces the relevance of the topic, as well as the importance of the general and specific problems.
Conclude with an explanation of how the intended outcomes of the project could be used to advance knowledge, understanding or practice in the discipline or field of study. 

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here is the research topic of interest- looking to research by doing survey format of caregivers of children in mental/behavioral health facilities

    How does domestic and family violence prompt mental and developmental disorders in children?
    How does domestic and family violence affect the perception of depression and self-reporting behavior in children?
    How can the family unit be used as a treatment factor of childhood depression?

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