Labor and Delivery (pregnant women)

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Labor and Delivery (pregnant women)
The major project will be focused on Labor and Delivery (pregnant women)
Identify and discuss key elements to functioning effectively in a collaborative team environment.
•In terms of patient outcomes, identify the benefits to multidisciplinary collaboration.
•Describe the challenges that might arise when working with a diverse group of individuals.
◦Consider the variety of backgrounds, educational levels, professional roles, personalities, et cetera.
•Describe the team that will be the audience of your presentation.
◦As you think about your Health Assessment presentation, what challenges might the team present?
◦What elements do you think will come into play to function effectively with this group?
◦What things will you particularly have to pay attention to?
•Describe how might you adjust your presentation to effectively communicate with this group of people.
◦What are several strategies that you can identify to help overcome these challenges in an effort to enhance professionalism and foster optimal patient outcomes?

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