Leadership capacity building professional plan

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Leadership capacity building professional plan

Management in Nursing.

Assessment Name: Leadership capacity
building professional plan

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This assessment measures your
achievement of the following learning outcomes:

  1. Critically analyse theories of leadership and management, and their
    application within a nursing context;
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of key leadership and management processes
    and practices in nursing;
  3. Critically examine ways in which nursing can impact on contemporary health
    care leadership and management;



your response, you have :
 Challenged the
theoretical and /or conceptual knowledge basis of key ideas, contexts,
frameworks for practice related to leadership and management in nursing
 Evidenced
findings and conclusions grounded in an extensive range of literature
 Analysed key
ideas through a conceptual frame to tie ideas together



Demonstrates advanced theoretical and
technical knowledge and skills relevant to leadership and management in
Applies to
Learning Outcome 1


your response, you have :
 Sourced, analysed
and synthesised information /data to construct emergent knowledge on
leadership and management in nursing
 Critically
synthesised evidence drawing from an extensive range of relevant, seminal
and/or current sources
 Articulated a
persuasive position or recommendation taking into account contextual
 Interrogated
broader perspectives critically and evaluated the credibility and rigour of
available evidence to develop a coherent analysis and offered insights into
potential benefits for recipients of care and population health.


Thinking and Analysis (critique, analyse and evaluate)

advanced cognitive, technical and communication skills to transmit
solutions to complex problems related to leadership and management in
nursing based on critical analysis and evaluation
Applies to
Learning Outcome 2 , 4

 Presentation of document meets expected professional
 Writing style is
analytical and coherent when critical of multiple perspectives
 Logical and
succinct structure to the content
 Consistently
meets expected standard of English conventions of grammar and , spelling
 Acknowledges all
 Meets APA
referencing standards with no errors
 Uses language of
the discipline
 Uses non
discriminatory and culturally safe language
writing / communication

clarity of expression and adheres to information literacy standards in
communication of health data and information to others.
Applies to
Graduate Capability


will evaluate traditional and contemporary leadership theory to generate a
conceptual model that contributes to a framework for building leadership
capacity and lifelong leadership for quality improvement to advance nursing.

this assignment you will:

You will highlight some key issues from
your own practice “workplace issues” and use leadership theory to
construct solutions for the issues you have identified

will demonstrate:

· A critical analysis of the issues through
leadership and management theory

· Ability to apply leadership and management
theory throughout your plan and relevant evidence based literature to support
solutions your propose

· Provide innovative and creative solutions
and introduce these into your practice using both leadership and change

 · Logical framework through which to present
your professional plan

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