Letter to the Editor

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In this assignment, you are tasked with writing a letter to the editor to the local newspaper (Cape Breton Post) Cape Breton Island Sydney NS Canada
Letters to the editor (LTEs) are a great way to share ideas and mobilize people within a community. LTEs can be used to offer a unique perspective to issues facing the community.
a) Identify a local issue currently being discussed in the community. Research the topic thoroughly. Read what has already been written on the topic (especially in the local newspaper).
b) Identify a particular CED (Community Economic Development) lens or set of principles to apply to the topic.
c) Write a LTE on the issue.
d) Use hyperlinks in your document to refer to or cite specific literature (newspaper articles, CED resources, academic literature, official documents, etc.).

LTE Guide:

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Local issues: Poverty

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