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Please read the assignment requirements in your Unit Outline and access the relevant marking guide in the Assessment folder.

Below are some common mental health disorders that present in typical mental health settings. Please select only ONE disorder from the list below for Part A of your first assignment:
A good starting point is to visit the Internet Mental Health– Disorders website (listed above under ‘Useful Websites’) to access web-based resources for information that relates to your chosen mental health issue.
You will need to familiarise yourself with your chosen disorder and the relevant research literature so you can address the following content in part A of your assignment:
Key features of the mental health issue you have chosen (Hint: What are the main concerns that any given individual with this diagnosis may present with?).
Incidence/prevalence, nature/course of this mental health issue, as well as the related social and economic burden from a local and global perspective.
Psychosocial and contextual factors that increase the likelihood of crisis / admission to an acute mental health setting (Hint: Consider case examples from your clinical placement/s and what the research literature tells us about precipitating and maintaining factors for any given individual with the mental health issue you have chosen).

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