Mental health issues have been documented for centuries.

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Mental health issues have been documented for centuries. The development of psychiatric disorders can be viewed from a number of different lenses, such as historical approaches, chemical imbalances in the brain, theory of metacognitions, and personality theory. In your final assignment, you will take previously discussed concepts and explain various perspectives on the development of psychiatric disorders.

In this assignment, please address the following elements:

  • Choose 1 of the following historical approaches, and summarize how that perspective believes psychiatric disorders are formed and developed:
    • Humanistic
    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive
    • Psychodynamic
  • What role do chemical imbalances in the brain play in the development of psychiatric disorders?
  • How does the theory of metacognition explain the development of psychiatric disorders?
  • Discuss Eysenck’s trait theory of personality. What are some of the psychiatric disorders that would be associated with either being high on the neuroticism scale or high on the psychoticism scale?

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