Military Event In The Napoleonic Wars

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The New York Times on the Web
Search for articles on current battles and wars for a model of journalistic style and quotation methods.
A Napoleonic War Series Summary
A general overview of Napoleon’s career and various specific battles.
Napoleon at War
An interactive battle simulator for the Battle of Waterloo.
The Battle of Trafalgar
An overview of this pivotal naval battle against the British in 1805.
Battle of Waterloo
Provides thorough background information including an hourly account of the battle.
The Battle of Cape St. Vincent
A detailed history of the battle (Feb. 14, 1797) between the British and Spanish fleets.
The Russian Campaign and Napoleon’s Defeat
General background on Napoleon’s ill-fated 1812 invasion of Russia.
Farewell to the Old Guard
A speech given by Napoleon Bonaparte after the failed invasion of Russia.

How you will do it

  1. Research a particular campaign, battle, or military event in the Napoleonic wars using the suggested Internet sites, which focus on Waterloo, the Spanish Campaign (Battle of Cape St. Vincent and Trafalgar), the Egyptian Campaign (Battle of the Nile), and the experience in the 1812 Russian invasion and retreat.
  2. Research your topic thoroughly and search for effective quotations to use in your news story. Be sure you gather enough information to be able to communicate how the battle fits in the larger context of Napoleon’s military campaigns.
  3. When adequate research is completed, write a news article on your chosen topic. If you are uncertain about a journalistic writing style or an approach to use in your article, consult online newspapers to read articles by established journalists on the topic of war. Be sure to substantiate the information in your article and to quote accurately from sources.

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