Need response to  this post, each response should be at least 200 words, 1 scholarly source , APA format, no title page needed.

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Need response to  this post, each response should be at least 200 words, 1 scholarly source , APA format, no title page needed.
The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) takes on many roles and responsibilities. Many of these responsibilities are additional to the basic nursing care that is provided to patients. Nurses use the nursing process to provide proper care. Four components of the nursing process used by nursing informatics specialists are assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation (Sengstack, 2012). Project management and the use of the nursing process are used by nursing informatics specialists to benefit both the clinician and the patient. Sengstack (2012) discusses the importance of a team of people to design healthcare informatics systems. Vendors who focus on infrastructure along with advanced practice nurses (APNs), which specialize in informatics, help create a user friendly and robust informatics system for the end user (Sengstack, 2012). The end user is very often the clinical nurse which uses the products on a daily basis when providing patient care. APN’s specializing in informatics take on project management responsibilities and can function as an important mediator between the informatics team and the healthcare team. APN’s in informatics have a vast pool of knowledge on their specialty topic, informatics, and the nursing process. Therefore, APN’s in informatics are great resources to bridge communication between the analytics, programming and clinical departments.
Project management concepts affect my practice as I am the end user of the project outcomes. As a registered nurse working in education I, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to physically participate in project management frequently. I am, however, an end user of these products. I have experienced times where we as a company had to transition to a new electronic medical records (EMR’s). Although the system was built based on projects, when the date came to go live, teams of nursing informatics specialists were available. Their responsibility was to actively look for areas of opportunities, areas of success and hear the concerns of the floor registered nurses in order to improve and individualize the project. Therefore, I may not be an APN that’s specialized in informatics nor actively involved in project management, however, as the end user my opinion should and could be valued to continually improve efforts of said project.

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