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1. The United States Census Bureau (2011) reported that approximately 48.6 million people in the United States lacked health insurance in 2011. In the role of nurse as teacher, how can nurses influence legislators in order to improve the healthcare system and promote access for all Americans?


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United States Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce. (2011). Health insurance: Highlights: 2011.

Retrieved from

2. Codes of ethics and standards for professional nursing practice have been developed by some professional nursing organizations. These codes and standards guide us in our practice and our interactions with consumers, other nurses, and other healthcare professions. Select at least one of the ethical standards or one of the standards of practice and tell us how you implement this in your current practice or how you will implement it in your future practice. Which standard is most challenging to you, and why?



3. The nursing profession has been shaped by many great nurses throughout history. How will you help to shape the future of nursing? What is the role of professional organizations in shaping the future? What is the responsibility for professional nurses to belong to these organizations?




4. Think about the roles and activities of the professional nurse as described in this course. What future do you see for yourself based on these roles? Which roles will you work to develop in your practice? How will you change your practice and your career to incorporate the principles and roles of the professional nurse? Focusing on the roles of the professional nurse presented in the Week 3 Lesson, use the career map format from the Week 8 lesson to plan your future!

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