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Answer the two discussion questions separately and also respond to the 4 post from my classmates separately. I will attach material to read. So a total of 2 answers and 4 responses below. MAKE SURE TO follow the guidelines i’m posting below. Please read the guidelines! GUIDELINES: Successful online learning requires active and meaningful participation in the discussion area. A 150-word minimum substantive response and a 100-word responses to peers are required of all discussion postings. Responses must be based on the course content, theory, or personal experiences—not mere opinion. Discussion postings should add value to the discussion topic and motivate other students to respond. You should use APA formatted references for all postings (mostly your textbook) to backup your opinions and statements. Substantive postings: Successful online learning requires active discussion area participation. Substantive feedback adds new information, challenges a position (respectfully), and improves learning and understanding. Substantive postings should be grounded in relevant, recent literature of the subject matter. Although experience is a great teacher, it should not be the only rationale for the feedback given. Stating one’s opinion does not constitute a substantive post unless backed up by theory, content, or relevant references. Examples of substantive participation do not include posting assignments or a question a student might have for the facilitator or the group. Substantive participation does include responses to discussion questions as well as discourse between students related to the subject matter. A simple “I agree” or “Great job!” will not count. Substantive responses should also include appropriate documentation/citation.
Discussion Questions
1) If you or someone close to you has been hospitalized, how did the nurses and family members encourage or discourage dependent behaviors? Independent behaviors?
2) Consider the following scenario:
When Jacob Jeffries, RN, arrived on his unit one evening, there was a great deal of discussion among the nurses about a newly admitted patient, Billy Williamson, who had been transferred from a prison facility with a life-threatening illness that could not be managed at the prison hospital. Billy was notoriously well known from the news of his crime and ensuing trial. Jacob volunteered to assume care of the patient. From the news coverage of the trial, Jacob expected Billy to be big, mean, and demanding. Instead, he found a very sick man near the end of life who wanted only "to make peace" with his family and God.
Jacob’s challenge was to set aside what he knew of Billy from the criminal trial and to take the best care he could of this man who was suffering tremendously in his last stages of life.
Using the resources in chapter 10, answer these questions:
What is Jacob’s responsibility in taking care of this patient? Is he any different from any other patient?
What challenges do you think Jacob would face from the other nurses on the unit?
What aspects of Billy’s care need the most attention from Jacob?
How could Jacob be helpful to other nurses who did not want to provide care for Billy?

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