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Paper details:
The purpose is to complete an abstract submission to a specific nursing journal. The assignment must be strictly following APA guidelines,
Abstract Outline:
-Title of Project
-Problem Statement: what is the problem that needs fixing?
-Purpose of the Project
-Research Question(s)
-Methodology (Qualitative vs. Quantitative)
-Steps in implementing your project
-Results (Pretend results)
Follow the following guidelines:
1- think about a problem in their nursing career that needs fixing (Example, Increase number of falls in delirious patients in ICU).
2- select a nursing journal (not medical journal, ex ANA) and review the abstract submission guidelines for that specific journal.
3- Paper: The paper will consist on three sections
1-Introduction: in which you will reveal the selected journal and reasoning for selecting such journal. And a brief section on the submitting criteria for the journal (DO NOT PLAGARIZE).
2-Research steps: you will follow the journal’s abstract guidelines and complete the abstract outline steps based on the hypothetically selected problem as above. If the selected journal does not require the steps highlighted, and then follow the highlighted steps.
3-Explain how your hypothetical project will impact the nursing career.
4-Follow APA format, meaning Title page, Abstract, Body and Reference page.

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