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A SWOT Analysis is an analytical tool that can help you work through the information you have about a business. “SWOT” stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This type of analysis represents an effort to examine the interaction between the particular characteristics of a community agency and the external marketplace in which they compete.

The internal portion of a SWOT analysis looks at the individual strengths and weaknesses of the business. For example, an organization may have a favorable geographic location that makes them more accessible to patients than a competitor. A company may have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that only recently became available. Ask, What do they do well? and What are their advantages? On the other hand, the organization may have problems resulting from a merger or they may have employees who just aren’t up to the required tasks. AIDitionally, cash flow programs are considered a weakness. Ask, What is done badly? and What internal areas need improvement?

Similarly, the external analysis looks at the opportunities and threats presented by external factors. Opportunities include interesting trends that the organization is in a good position to take advantage of. AIDitionally, an opportunity might be the result of changes in laws. Changes in social patterns, population profiles, and lifestyle changes could also be opportunities. In the threats section, identify those areas in which competitors pose a threat. Or, identify social, economic, or political factors that pose a disadvantage to the agency.

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This paper will report on opinions of those interviewed or industry analysts. In aIDition, you should also include data (financial, census, demographic, etc.).

Also discuss the role or potential of advanced nursing practice in this Community Service Agency.
For aIDitional help in performing and writing a SWOT, see the resources listed here. There is a website webinar, an example SWOT analysis of an agency, a “Tips” document, and a template to include in your SWOT paper. brief webinar about SWOT analysis.

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