Nursing Leadership in Promoting Quality Health Service

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Nursing Leadership in Promoting Quality Health Service

This academic paper is based on the outline plan that you guys did before. I’m going to upload a word

document under the title (Leadership assignment).

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For this assignment I need you writer to continue writing on the same topic to expand the words count

from 750 to 2750 and to continue from where we started.

Things to consider in doing this assignment (some already has been done):

Consider you are preparing to write an article for publication.

Choose a topic and develop a working title. (This already done and the title is Nursing Leadership in

Promoting Quality Health Service.)
• Contents page (inclusive of headings/sub-headings and reference list.
• Briefly explain why you have chosen the topic and write an overview.
• Provide a short academic discussion of what will be included in each of the draft headings with

support from recent leadership literature on the topic. Include an Introduction, a body with its own

headings/subheadings and Conclusion.
• You must use journal articles and not textbooks or popular culture books related to the topic

including leadership and management literature.
• Ensure the articles used are no older than five (5) years unless the historical significance is explained.
The assignment is to be presented in the style of the chosen journal’s publishing instructions. No

abstract is required.

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