Nursing Theorist Jean Watson

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Nursing Theorist Jean Watson

RNSG 2535
Nursing Theorist Paper
Due Date: ___March 24, 2014
Goal: Research and write a paper on a documented midlevel nursing theory and explain how you would use that theory in your practice as a registered nurse.
Purpose: Introduce the students to the nursing theorists, research process, formal writing skills, and entry level knowledge into using evidenced based practice.
1. Chose one of the following theorists
Jean Watson
2. Minimum 3 pages (maximum 4 pages) Paper to include:
A. Title Page
B. Abstract
C. Body of the paper to include:
1) Description of the theory
2) Definition of the following concepts according to theorist:
a) nursing
b) patient/client
c) health
d) environment
e) any other term that the theorist defines
3) Inter-relationship of the above concepts
4) Significance of the theory to nursing as a profession
5) Application of the Theory to your practice as a RN. Give a minimum of 3 examples of how you would implement this theory in your practice.
c. Reference Page (minimum of 5 – maximum of 3 from electronic resources)
1) Books
2) Professional journals
3) Electronic resources
3. Must be in APA format according to OWL.
Be sure to include: running head, page numbers, abstract, title page, references cited in the text, and reference page.

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