organizational redesign

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This essay NEEDS to be in very clear, fluent English.  Please only accept this work if English is your first language. 

This paper is to be written about taking cancer reduction efforts in full time fire stations through organizational redesign, with a HEAVY reliance on “use of self as instrument” methods. 
The largest barrier to change is culture – many firefighters are aware of the cancer risks but the culture within the organization is a barrier.  This is written about several times in the various writings I have included. 

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The files “3 Essay (Phase 1)”, “4 Essay (Phase 2)”, “4 question”,. “5 question” and “6 question” all include earlier work that must form the foundation of this, being utilized in the appropriate areas listed below. 

I have attached additional reference material (files start with “reading _”) that should be utilized, if possible. 

Assignment from the syllabus:
Design and submit a detailed proposal for leading a specific area of change within a specific team or organization, using self as an instrument in a way that illustrates your assertiveness for sharing your own perspective as well as empathy to understand others perspectives.
Submit a 9-10 page (2700-3000 word) APA-formatted paper with eight APA (level-one) section headers as follows:

Area of Change
The People Involved
Desired Behaviors
Change Strategies
Use of Self
Theoretical Support
Social Responsibility of the Plan

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