Paper 1 Case Submission

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Choose a high-profile, contemporary American criminal case (Aaron Hernandez case)to review. In a 57 page paper (12501750 words), prepare a case write-up that incorporates all aspects of the criminal justice systemfrom police investigation, to arrest, evidence, court proceedings, and eventually sentencing.

Describe the nature of the case, citing it in appropriate legal format (i.e., Miranda v. Arizona, 1966).
Explain the investigation. What legal foundations and constitutional laws and amendments were present? What type of defense, if any, was used?
Describe the court proceedings; pre-trial hearings, indictments, the trial, defense and prosecution arguments, and court outcomeacquittal, guilty, not guilty, NGRI, GBMI, etc.
Finally, describe the correctional phase, if applicable: jail, prison, probation, parole, etc.
Would there be a significant difference if adjudicated in another level of court (i.e, federal)? Would the punishment be more, or less severe? Would the evidence be handled differently?
Summarize the case and offer your analysis of the proceedings. What are your thoughts about the investigation, evidence, court proceedings, and verdict? Make sure you support your conclusions with cited and referenced materials.

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