Part 1: Ongoing Follow-up after Professional Development

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Week 5 Readings: Be sure you are logged into Blackboard in order to access all of the readings from these links. All References listed below are in APA format for citation.


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1. EL Education Core Practices. (2017) (n.d.). Retrieved from p.83-84


2. Desravines, J., Aquino, J., & Fenton, B. (2016). Breakthrough principals: A step-by-step guide to building stronger schools. John Wiley & Sons. p.227-266


3. Bambrick-Santoyo, P. (2018). Leverage Leadership 2.0: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools. John Wiley & Sons. p.127-180, 315-346 Suggested Reading: p.289-314


Part 1: Ongoing Follow-up after Professional Development


A. Ongoing Follow-up W5LO1: (CLO4): Use your Leverage Leadership 2.0 textbook and resources as a guide in building a Principal as Instructional Leader Monthly Map. This map will assist you in time management, planning, and designating personnel to assist you in your efforts to establish ongoing follow-up practices and schedules. This ensures the time you spent professionally developing your faculty has the ongoing support it needs to be sustainable development. This Monthly Map should grow and change throughout the year as your campus needs grow and change. Leverage Leadership 2.0 Chapter 3: Observation and Feedback (127-180), Ch. 8: Finding the Time (315-346). Also, reference the CD Resource Document from that textbook named: “001 DDI-6B –Monthly-Map—DDI-Sample” this is an Exemplar example of the Monthly Map you will need during this process to sustain your Professional Development efforts. Examples are listed in gray for you to reference, delete examples prior to beginning. Provide at least one item per month. Complete the table.

B. Use 12 pt. black font: Times New Roman. The table cells will expand to fit your text.

Ongoing Follow-up after Professional Development
Principal as Instructional Leader Monthly Map


Month: Designated Personnel: Focus: Action:
June Assist. Principal



New Teachers




1. Provide previous year’s PD for upcoming year’s new initiatives


2. Build upcoming year’s Assessment Calendar



Part 2: Reflection Questions on Professional Learning


A. Reflection Questioning W5LO2: (CLO1): Complete the Tool 5.4 called Reflection Questions on Professional Learning from p.302 of your Breakthrough Principal Textbook.


B. Cite any sources and/or readings used as evidence to support your statements in APA format.

Instructional Leader Reflection Tool: Directions: Complete 1-3 sentences per question on the reflective questioning Tool 5.4 called Reflection Questions on Professional Learning . Record your answers here.
  Professional Learning Structures


1. How do you connect new initiatives with your year-long goals?


2. Who leads professional learning?


3. How do you monitor professional learning you are not leading?


4. How are schoolwide topics identified?


5. Are topics linked to school goals?


6. Are the whole school improvement priorities clear to teachers?


7. How do you track and align the whole school improvement priorities with teacher team development goals/needs and individual teacher development needs?


8. How are teachers held accountable for implementing practices shared during professional learning structures?


9. How do you introduce your teachers to new initiatives? How do you assess if teachers are implementing the content of training?


10. Over time, how do you assess that professional learning sessions are improving teacher practice and student outcomes?

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