Patchwork quilt of diversity in the United States

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1st Assignment  – Due Thursday 7/27/17

Turn in a written response of a minimum 250 words for each item below.  Be sure to fully address all the implications of each item.  Although some level of personal commitment to your response is expected, try to avoid excessive use of “I feel…” or “I think…” statements.  Attempt to imagine you are writing for a broader group of people; i.e., not just what you would do, but what all of mankind should do. Please include Title page, Abstract page, and Reference page.  The rubric for grading responses is the REOS method, where R stands for Reasoning (your logic should tie together), E stands for Evidence (Your arguments which need support should be supported by mentioning the name of someone usually cited), O stands for Observation (your unique contributions, if any), and S stands for Substance (you say something meaningful and significant, in the instructor’s opinion).  ON YOUR PAPER PUT:  R, then write this answer. Under the R put an E, then write this answer.  Under the E, put the O, then write this answer and under the O put the S, then write this answer.


R: answer

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E: answer

O: answer

S: answer

As a police officer who does things by the book, you observe one of the other officers one day roughing up some drug dealers and taking their drugs.  It turns out that this officer is the Chief’s son.  It also turns out it is widely known throughout the department that this is the kind of behavior the Chief’s son regularly engages in.  When you turn in your report, your Sergeant tears it up and tells you to forget about it.  You decide to report it higher, but then the Chief calls you in to offer you a high-status promotion if you forget about it.  Do you forget about it?


2nd Assignment: Due Thursday 7/27/17

Discussion Board:

Explain the significance of freedom, individualism, and equality as presented in police training courses. Explain the “patchwork quilt” of diversity in the United States. Make sure you use information from the text to support your information.

Explain Beccaria’s influence on the role of prisons. Under what circumstances did he believe capital punishment was justified?

When citing, please use APA style. Please elaborate on your answer.


The discussion board participation grade will be determined by the following categories:

  • Post responses that adequately address the assigned topic.
  • Proper grammar, sentence structure, and sources are required in your communications on the discussion board.
  • The posts must be formatted according to the APA manual.
  • All posts are due on the listed date, NO LATE WORK.
  • Participate in meaningful discussion in the forums with three of your peers.
  • You cannot use “I agree” or “I disagree.”
  • Post must be a minimum of 150 words.

Textbook for this class:

Close, D. & Meier, N. (2003). Morality in criminal justice: An introduction to ethics.

Belmont, CA. Wadsworth Publishing



Also, will complete the 3 responses for the discussion board?

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