prepare and deliver a short, introductory speech

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Your first assignment is to prepare and deliver a short, introductory speech. Don’t worry — your first speech doesn’t have to be perfect. Assignment 1 is your first opportunity to complete the process of outlining, delivering, and uploading a recorded speech with the Connect Speech Capture tool. You will also review and provide feedback on your own speech and a peer’s speech. Instructions: Follow the steps below to outline, record, and upload a 2-3 minute introductory speech. You will complete your outline and submit it directly in Blackboard. For your speech, you’ll record it using your own device or computer and then upload using the Connect Speech Capture tool. In order to obtain full credit for this assignment, please complete all six steps below. You may want to print this assignment and check off each step as you complete it. Step 1: Complete SmartBook Chapters and Watch Videos  Chapter 3: Listening. This chapter covers listening skills that will help you complete your Self Review and Peer Review.  Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech. This chapter covers the steps you’ll complete to prepare and deliver your speech.  Videos: Watch the videos assigned by your instructor this week. These videos provide examples of introductory speeches that follow the guidelines presented in the SmartBook. Step 2: Select a Topic Select a topic that interests you from the choices below. Topic Bank (Choose only one topic.) COM201 – The Power of Effective Speaking © 2018 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University. COM 201 FACULTY GUIDE 1182 (01-02-18) Page 2 of 3 Deliver an elevator pitch that describes your professional background and experience for a potential employer during a job interview. Present a significant event or decision in your life and describe how it impacted you. Discuss your dream career or a potential business you intend to start following graduation. Select an object that represents a significant aspect of who you are. Describe why you chose it and explain how it represents you. Step 3: Create an Outline (due Week 2)  Create an outline in Microsoft Word. You may choose to use the template in Blackboard Week 2 to help you organize the introduction, body, and conclusion of your speech.  Focus your speech on 2-3 main points so you’ll stay within the 3-minute time limit.  Go to the Blackboard Week 2 Assignment 1: Outline section and upload your outline.

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