Principles of Environmental Health

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Principles of Environmental Health

Principles of Environmental Health

Please be advised that this is a major assignment which worth 100% of the unit, so I hope this order will be taken seriously.

Overall about the unit
This unit aims to identify, analyse and assess scientific concepts, methods and research concerning the
environment and human health interactions. Major physical, chemical and biological environmental health
hazards will be examined.

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On completion of this unit students should be able to:
1. Identify, analyse and summarise major physical, chemical and biological environmental health hazards that
may impact on human health.
2. characterise potential sources of exposure and health impacts associated with environmental hazards;
3. critically evaluate the principles of assessing, monitoring and controlling environmental hazards in the
4. synthesis the interdisciplinary and interactive nature of environmental health problems;
5. plan health promotion programs in relation to environmental health issues.


1. Ecology, population, environmental degradation and health.
2. Human biology and environmental disease.
3. Communicable disease control.
4. Pollution and health.
5. Food safety and water quality.
6. Environmental health management.
7. Environmental health promotion


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General things before starting:

– Please show your understanding.

– Word count: 3000 – 3300 words (excluding in & end text reference).

– Text book: you can use as recommended Oosthuizen, J. (Ed) (2012). Environmental health: emerging issues and practice, ebook. Rijeka, Croatia: InTech.

– Please Do not rewrite or paraphrase large sections from any article or long descriptive areas.

– Find further reliable and academic material 5 years old or less to reference in your work in order to support your answers.

– Marks: 100. It is really high since this is a major assignment, so please make your work clear enough without any repetitions and try to be very specific (concise) as well as precise to the point.

– Please use Australian spelling.
– (correct) APA style {In text and end text referencing}. 12 point font, double spacing, and first line indent for paragraphs. Also, Please make sure to include the page numbers for all sources (in & end text references) when possible.

One (1) reference per 100 words) you need about 30 – 35 sources minimum.

To have a High Distinction (HD)
– Relevance of answer to assignment task (are the questions answered fully?)
The questions are fully answered with all the information relevant to the topic.
– All answers are supported by cited evidence from relevant, recent and reliable sources
Underpins all work with relevant cited material throughout.
– Evidence of ability to interpret and explain population health data/ information
Excellent and consistent level of interpretation or explanation throughout
– Logical flow: essay format used, including introduction and conclusion and subject paragraphs
Excellent structure and logical flow throughout.
– Presentation: including formatting, grammar, spelling and style
No minor errors in presentation.
– In text and end text referencing
No errors.

Your task:
Essay about: Environmental exposure
Weighting: 100.
Length: Approximately 3000 words (10% ±)

Associated learning outcomes:
– Identify, analyse and summarise major physical, chemical and biological environmental health hazards that may impact on human health.
– Characterise potential sources of exposure and health impacts associated with environmental hazards;
– Synthesis the interdisciplinary and interactive nature of environmental health problems;
Associated content areas:
Ecology, population, environmental degradation and health.
Human biology and environmental disease.
Communicable disease control.
Pollution and health.
Food safety and water quality.
Environmental health management.
Overpopulation is accelerating the depletion of resources on the planet, while at the same time accelerating global pollution and climate change. Your government is considering adopting a stance similar to China’s one child policy, as part of its vision for a sustainable future.
Your task:
Write a report to inform policy makers about the positive and negative aspects of such a policy as it applies to your country (Australia).
Hint: The use of peer-reviewed journal references will strengthen your argument.
Your report should be professionally presented and include:
• Table of contents or index (3 marks).
• Introduction (7 marks).
• Main body (25 marks) – compare and contrast.
• Conclusion (10 marks).
• Policy recommendations (45 marks) – be realistic within your country context (democracy vs communist society).
• Correct in and end-text referencing (10 marks).
Use APA referencing style. Marks may be deducted for incorrect or omitted

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