Professional Development Plan

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Project: Professional Development Plan
The BS in child development program has provided you with a solid foundational base of knowledge in the field as well as allowed you to explore principles, practices, and issues in a specialization of your choice. In completing the courses in your program, you have no doubt learned a great deal, not only about children, adolescents, and their families, but also about yourself. Throughout this Capstone, you have explored professional options and considered what profession(s) might be the best fit for you now and in the future. In this assignment, you will synthesize these thoughts by completing a Professional Development Plan. This plan will allow you to reflect on what you know, set goals for what you hope to accomplish in the future and make plans for how you will achieve these goals.
Take time now to collect your thoughts regarding the following:
What you know about child development and effective practices for working with children and/or adolescents
Knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to quality professionals
Areas in which you need to grow
Jobs that interest you
Job-related skills you have and those you need to improve
You will apply this thinking as you complete your Professional Development Plan. For this assignment, download, complete, and submit your plan:
Professional Development Plan
Assignment length: 3–4 pages
Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.

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Professional Development Plan
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