Project: Science Film

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Outline your own science-driven film (you need to create it by yourself) in the sci-fi genre that relates to the topic that I covered in class( the topic is Geology, and I attached the slides with this topic from my class to files, so you can read all the information and write an outline based on it).

In your outline you need to write:

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1. Summary of your plot (~1 page)

2. Description of the characters – at least one must be a scientist (in the field of Geology) (~1-2 pages) Make sure to clearly define the scientists credentials and skillset (what higher degree do they have and in what; what is their research speciality?)

3. Reflection on the balance of science and fiction/entertainment you would include in your film (in terms of theory, terminology, accurate portrayal of science and scientists); keep in mind budget, audience and access to information or resources. (~1 page)

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