Prospects of Russian healthcare business in the global international healthcare market

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Prospects of Russian healthcare business in the global international healthcare market

Paper details
? Theoretical discussion of the authors who have pursued the chosen type of methodology, advantages, limitations
? Practical elaboration of the methodology to be used in the case of the given research
o Primary data used
o Secondary data used
? Elaboration of Data collection process

My part from the proposal
Research Question
The purpose of the research is to analyze current health care system of the Russian Federation and determine its prospects in the international market. The main research question is: How can the Russian health care system be competitive in the international arena?
It is important to find out competitive advantages of the Russian healthcare system, which will allow it to enter the global market and effectively operate there. The following questions should be answered:
1. What are the major features of the global healthcare industry?
2. What crucial changes have led to the development of healthcare of Russian Federation?
3. What are the current trends of the Russian healthcare sector?
4. What are the main effects of the global healthcare industry on the Russian healthcare sector?
In order to achieve specified purpose, below mentioned objectives should be considered:
1. To analyze the existed global healthcare market trends.
2. To define health care system of the Russian Federation in the existing environment.
3. To determine the Russian preparedness to become the part of the global healthcare system.
The objectives listed above are going to expand the knowledge on the impact of globalization on the Russian healthcare and internalization strategies for Russia. My recommendations will be based on the analysis from data received though the methodological approach. In the end of my research recommendations will be adopted to the external environment and the tendency in the healthcare sector.
In my opinion, the Russian healthcare system needs to form motivation among the population to a healthy lifestyle and improve the current way of doing business. It is necessary to consider the international experience and take the best practices. Since reforms have been initiated, they would become the main purpose of creation of favorable trends in the health of the population. This means that the Russian healthcare needs to engage professional management and skilled staff meantime involve foreign direct investments, technology and experts.
Methodological Approach
The research paper requires the usage of mixed data (qualitative and quantitative), because the qualitative data will present the experience and the concept of healthcare organizations who have already penetrated the market meanwhile the quantitative data will evidence the real facts regarding the healthcare organizations globally.
The primary data derives from the collection of data during the interview with two healthcare clinics who recently impaled in the international area, one of the healthcare organization comes from the USA (North America) and another one from Europe. The sample for the interview is not random because the research will reveal the existence or absence of the correlation between different regions and difficulties to enter the global healthcare market. Besides the fact of the different nationalities, the respondents might also represent different religions. The sample intends

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