Psychological aspects and impact of transmission isolation on hospitalized patients.” Infection prevention and control”

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Psychological aspects and impact of transmission isolation on hospitalized patients.” Infection prevention and control”
The following should be included in the research paper:
• Abstract
• Introduction, Background and Description of Problem, Main Research Objective
• Literature Review at least 10; search criteria, key wards used
• Methodology
? Design
? Sample “type of sample used” and Setting
? Instrument
? Data Collection Schedule and Procedures
? Data Analysis Procedures
? Research Rigors
? Ethical Considerations
• Discussion and findings
• Conclusion & recommendation’s
• References
• Appendixes
? Appendix A.
Interview Guide, Questionnaire Draft Flow Diagram
? Appendix B.
Demographic Data Sheet
? Appendix C.
Procedure Plan (Gantt chart)
• The development and/or definition of the research problem;
• A brief survey of the literature;
• The choice of methodology and problem definition, preliminary discussion of assumptions, and analytical techniques;
• The choice of research site and respondents;
• A brief situational analysis;
• The collection of relevant data and information; both quantitative and qualitative data must be considered (must include a discussion of how the qualitative data impacts on the research methodology and

potential managerial practice);
• The model development and analysis of the data (the model must be developed and solved using a choice technology tool);
• The evaluation of the ethics of the research and other perspectives (diversity/cultural);
• The estimated value of the research, and contrast of global dimensions that might impact on problem interpretation or implementation (this must include a brief discussion of how globalization impacts on the

implementation of recommendations in this area);
• The presentation of research findings, interpretation of results, prioritized recommendations; and sensitivity/ comparative statics analysis; implication of research findings (must include elements relevant to (j)

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below); and
• An innovation for the organization that might improve on the result obtained.

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