Public Health Project Plan Health Promotion

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Public Health Project Plan: Health Promotion

Public Health Project Plan: Health Promotion

Assignment Criteria:
• Metabolic Syndrome as linked with diabetes,

Prepare a detailed and innovative health promotion project plan for your chosen disease for an Australian community (non-Indigenous). This needs to be your innovative idea, not reused from a current or past health promotion project.

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Education on disease awareness and/or prevention

Your health promotion should include:
1. A specific target group and community ( parents in wonthaggi, Victoria )
2. A brief outline of why this public health promotion is beneficial for the Australian population- I anticipate it will improve health outcomes for the children in Wonthaggi as this will be a visual prompt they unhealthy eating is a leading cause for diabetes and poor oral health.

3. What your goals and aims for your health promotion are (review the SMART mnemonic on page 205 of Fleming & Parker)
specific – I aim to decrease the percentage of overweight children in Wonthaggi by doing so curve the rate of children being diagnosed with diabetes by 5% before 2020.
measurable – this would be measurable through primary school screening and health checkups
achievable- I believe this will be difficult to achieve as parents these days opt for quick food rather than healthy food and due to the cost and convenience of unhealthy food patents don’t necessarily monitor what they child is eating.
Realistic-this is a realistic goal to achieve, schools and sporting clubs could get on board and push for only healthy food to be served/ consumed on their grounds.
Time-bound- I have given this goal 4 years to achieve a 5% drop.

4. You should identify which of the Public Health promotion management perspectives this falls into :primary- this falls into the Primary level of prevention as it is an education basis to increase awareness of the risks of poor diet and physical inactivity aiming to reduce the burden of diabetes which can be preventable
5. Outline the aIDitional stakeholders, and community consultation which should take place- who this will include

6. A specific original health message/ logo that you have developed to suit your health promotion. You are Setting them up to fail

7. An outline of what the health promotion activity will entail and how you will promote this to the target group, this poster could be placed around the community, sporting clubs, in schools and health clinics. The local newspaper could make this on of their pages and I could write a section to explain the poster and tips/ideas to reduce the risks and give a overview of diabetes and how diabetes affects every day living .
8. An outline of how you plan to evaluate the success of your health promotion Plan to evaluate the success of this poster by having a school nurse run health checks in primary schools(observations), I then could ask members of the public their opinion of the poster and if it has make ‘them’ shop differently and buy different food( interviews, polls, serveys/questionaires.)

Presentation: Essay format, font 12pt either calibri or arial preferred. Ensure you have a footer with page numbers and your student name/number. Headings are okay to use.
Reference list at end of document using APA style, at least 10 references no later than 2011 used including research articles (reference does not contribute to word count). No tables, point form or diagrams please. Use third person (no I or me) in academic writing and write as if this is something you intend to do (i.e.: The health promotion aims to….)

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