Research paper in statistic in healthcare

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Research paper in statistic in healthcare

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Dear Writer,
This report is about statistic and I upload for you a report for one of my class mate who takes this subject last semester and they got the best mark in the class as overall.
Please go through the reports and make our report with the same table of contents to cover all the area and specially to select more than one quality tools such as histogram, flowchart, control chart scatter diagram. You can select only 4 tools which are flowchart, histogram, control chart and Pareto diagram and not only write about them for the case and also to make a graph with the data and numbers and also after improvement the graphs
The report will give you an easy reference of what I want from you to do it in this report and to get the tables and also the graph or chart in excel sheet also as appendix
Here is a brief of what our Dr wants from us and you
Students are required to select a quality issue of their choice ideally from their place of work. The choice of quality issue needs to be explained along with the accepted levels of tolerance (which is required to conduct the capability analysis).
Students then need to select appropriate methods/tools for monitoring the quality issue and explain why such tools were used. In doing so students will need to explain the benefits of their chosen method over other available options. Using secondary data students will need to show and discuss the current level of quality.
Students will also need to use appropriate tools in order to identify the current pattern in quality and its causes and examine the capability of the process

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report structure must include this main
Table of Contents
Introduction (citation in the introduction)
Literature review with MLA references
Result & analysis
Presenting the different tools at least 3 tools
Discussion with presenting the numbers with our idea and others idea in the literature review

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