Search and located a couple of these standards which may be in the form of goals or objectives

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Experimental research occurs in very controlled circumstances.  It is highly likely that you have crossed paths with applied research or evaluation research.  Applied research occurs regularly occurring settings.  This typically means that the participants are not selected randomly (so non-experimental research), and there are elements where the researcher has little control.  Some examples are in a university or K-12 setting where departments or programs are evaluated to investigate the level at which they are achieving measurable goals.  In many situations, these programs are evaluated using a set of established standards generated by entities such as the Texas Eduction Agency (TEA), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), or Council of Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).


Search and located a couple of these standards which may be in the form of goals or objectives.  For starters you could Google Scholar standards for program evaluation in education.  You might need to sift through to find something that aligns with your interest or otherwise catches your attention.  You might already have some familiarity with standards if you have a certification from a professional organization, so that is a good place to look as well.

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For the discussion, include the standard that you found (one or two statements, not necessarily the whole set of standards).  Describe why you selected this/these particular standards and how they are used in applied or evaluation research. What is the purpose/value of these evaluations or who do they serve?  What experience(s) have you had with program evaluation?  There may be certain compliance items in your work product.  Those can be shared as well.


As usual, please create approximately four paragraphs for your original post by Wednesday, Include APA formatted references for the standard(s) you select.

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