Select a group characteristic (gender, high achievers vs low achievers)

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Factors 6 & 7



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Factor 6


You will complete a Whole class. Subgroup and individual assessment of student learning. You will respond as follows:


Whole group for the entire class you will discuss progress and advancement for students as follows:

· Use table to show pre- and post-assessment of whole class

· Do graph showing progress students made

· Summarize what graph says about your students



· Select a group characteristic (gender, high achievers vs low achievers)

· Explain why you selected this group

· Use chart to illustrate

· Summarize what you found



· Select 2 individuals that performed differently (use pre and post- test to show examples of children’s work

· Explain how these 2 students learn and site differences

· Use pre- and post-test

· Draw conclusions


NEED 4 chats and student work example





Factor 7


This section reflects on student learning and teacher instruction. It has 3 sections in which to focus upon in providing your response.



· Select learning goal your student was most successful

Provide 2 reasons for student success (align with goals, instruction and assessment)

· Select learning goal in which your student was least successful

Provide 2 reasons for the lack of success (align with goals, instruction and assessment)

· Reflect on possible professional develop

Identify 2 professional learning goals you learned during lesson

Discuss 2 steps you will take to improve performance

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