Similarities between MOVE and the Peace Mission

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Primiano & Evans Response

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Answer (3) three questions:

Answer the following question based on the Peace Mission Movement website:

1. Note some aspects of the Peace Mission Movement that you find surprising.

Also, answer (2) two of the following questions:

2. What similarities do you see between MOVE and the Peace Mission?  (Name as many as you can think of.)  What are key differences?

3. After reading Evans, do you understand MOVE to be a religious community/organization? After reading Primiano, do you understand the Peace Mission Movement to be a religious community/organization?  Why or why not? What definition of “religion” are you using when you make this judgment?

4. From reading Primiano, How did their urbanity (their location in cities) affect the Peace Mission’s religious identity and mission?  What similaries and differences do you see between Father Divine and other religious leaders we have studied (Father MacNamee, Rev. Leon Sullivan, Rev. Washington) in regard to urban mission, social justice, and service to those outside of their religious community?

5. According to Primiano, how did Father Divine approach race? What were the most significant aspects of his teaching and practices on race?

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