Summarize chapter 1 and 5 of Courage calling by Gordon T. Smith

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Summarize Chapter 1 and 5 of Courage calling by Gordon T. Smith in 2 pages. I enclosed the website of the book in PDF. Paraphrase the words do not quote, and in-text citation must be inserted. In 2 pages summarize chapter 1 and 5 of the book Courage calling by Gordon T. Smith. Please includes Introduction, Body paragraph, and Conclusion. Use nurses or caregivers as a point to reflect in the paper
I only have chapter 1, let me know if you need chapter 5 as well.

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Example of the paraphrase:
Smith (2011) states:

If each person is of inestimable worth, and, further, if we can ask how each person can flourish, it naturally follows that we recognize all of this requires intentionality: we need to ask, what can we do to be good stewards of our lives, of the gifts, talents and opportunities that God gives to us? (p. 23)

To be a good steward means to wisely use the resources you have been given, in whatever form they come. It requires vocational integrity by which you carry out your work for the Lord, whether that be in a current profession or as a student in preparation for Gods vocational calling on your life. This vocational integrity is evident through excellence, truth, diligence, generosity, and Sabbath (Smith, 2011).


Smith, G. T. (2011). Courage and calling: Embracing your God-given potential. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Books.

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