Teacher will now design the instruction for the learning goals provided in previous chapter. How will you teach the learning goals you have designed

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Design For Instruction

Teacher will now design the instruction for the learning goals provided in previous chapter. How will you teach the learning goals you have designed


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The following will be discussed At this point you have administered the pre-assessment

Remember to include charts to report the findings of the pre assessment

Page length 3 + visual organizer



Pre Assessment Results

Don’t forget to label your responses using subheadings in the TWS outline

Discuss what your pre-assessment scores revealed about your students

You could discuss but is not limited to:

Range of scores for each student showing percentages

Be specific about what learning goals you are using ( Question 10, & 12 addressed LG 2 that showed a low percentage (12%) of students that mastered

Use charts to show the results/ could show graph for each learning goal

Restate learning goals as you discuss results

Show target performance set for each learning goal

Show lowest and highest mastery of each goal

Show graph with mastery of each question for each student








Remember your sub headings are

Results of pre- assessment ( discussed on the first few pages)

Unit Overview- discuss what your unit will include (you may use your outline here of your unit. Explain your unit and alignment with goals. List topics for each day. Include activity for each day

Activities – what activities will you use for each unit. Discuss and explain/ Review page 10 of TWS to include explanation of activity

Technology – What technology will you use for this unit



Analyzed descriptions of student performance

Activities linked to learning goals

Identify patterns of student performance

Show activity you are doing each day

Use visual organizer

Describe a minimum of 3 activities using a variety of instructional strategies

Analyze student performance related to the goals

Show how you will score assessments

Show how activity relates to goals

What materials are needed for activity

Can use scoring rubrics, observation, checklist, rating scales ect.

How will you check on student progress




Instructional Decision-Making FIVE

Describe Modifications

Give 2 examples of when student learning or response caused you to modify your lesson

Describe in detail the activity that you modified and why

Explain why you thought this would improve student learning of

the goal. Explain in detail

Give a second example of when a student’s learning or response

caused you to modify the lesson. Explain in detail

Suggested page length 3-4 pages

Review page 13 TWS

Analysis of Student Learning

Teacher uses assessment data to profile student learning giving information about student achievement

Now you will analyze data

Show performance of whole class, subgroups and individual students

Conclusions will be drawn in Factor 7

Focus student achievement


Whole Class




Whole Class – use table to show progress of the whole class

Example of headings for table for pre and post test

Student Learning Goal 1 Learning Goal 2 Learning goal 3

% of mastery % of mastery % of mastery

% of mastery % of mastery % of mastery

% of mastery % of mastery % of mastery

And so on…….

Discuss this information. Create a graphic summary showing any progress students made using pre and post test scores


Select a group characteristic (gender, performance level social economics, etc. Create a graphic showing student performance. This is an example.

LG 1 LG2

80% Boy/Girl Boy /Girl

70% Boy/Girl Boy /Girl

60% Boy/Girl Boy /Girl

50% Boy/Girl Boy /Girl



Individuals select 2 students that demonstrated different levels of performance

Describe the student and state why you chose them.

Use pre assessment, formative and post assessment data with examples of the student’s work. Draw conclusions.


Page Length 4 + charts and student work examples

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