Teaching Topic

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Begin thinking about a topic and audience for your Teaching Project assignment. The submission of the topic and audience are due week 2. Submit your health topic and the expected audience (peers/patients/community group) and consider the age range of participants. For example: if your topic is “Crutch walking for the Hip Replacement patient,” focus on the 50- 90 aged participant. You will need to consider age-specific considerations when developing your lesson.

Teaching Project Assignment (due week 6):

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The Teaching Project is an individual project.  Each of you will identify either patients, peers, or a community group on which to focus. Your topic and audience must be approved by me no later than by week 2.  Incorporate content that is reflective of learning principles and cultural influences that impact learning supported by current professional sources. The teaching project is worth 30% of the course grade.The entire project consists of 2 parts: The Lesson Plan (template fully completed) & the Reflective Narrative. The following must be included in the lesson plan:

Goal of the teaching session
Measurable behavioral objectives containing all components (ABCD Method)
Content outline
Reasonable time frames (identify contextual factors related to time frames: privacy, space, interruptions, time, culture, limits, etc.)
Resources used
Methods of teaching
Tools for teaching
Evaluation of learning methods
Please make sure that there is continuity of all components.

Attach a reflective narrative (MS Word document) that documents your attention to adult learning principles, cultural factors, and contextual factors.

References other than your text are expected. You are expected to use citations within the body of your narrative document as well as the lesson plan.

A separate reference page that includes all references used within the project must be included.

The narrative and references are to be in APA format (Links to an external site.).       

Use the following resources to help guide you:

Teaching Project Assignment Guidelines.doc Preview the document
Teaching Project RubricPreview the document
Lesson Plan Blank.docPreview the document
lesson plan reference sample.doc
Developing Teaching Plans.ppt Preview the document           

Please submit a proposed teaching topic and audience by Wednesday at 11:59PM via this assignment link in a MS Word document. The topic and audience must be approved prior to the development of your 3 behavioral objectives which are due this week by Sunday at 11:59PM. Therefore, it is imperative that your topic and audience are submitted in a timely manner, so please plan appropriately.

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