Telenursing the Future is Now (Title)

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I am attaching a grading rubric that has all the assignments specifics that need to be met. I also have 5 articles I had researched to include citations from within the 4 pages of the paper. I have to discuss also

advantages and disadvantages from a patient perspective along with the scenario that is listed on the grading rubric that I have attached. This needs to be in APA format with a running head and page numbers. I

was told a reference page is included for free. I have provided articles I was going to use for this assignment but am not sure if you also research your own.

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Jiang, X., & He, G. (2012). Effects of an uncertainty management intervention on uncertainty, anxiety,depression, and quality of life of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease outpatients. Research InNursing &

Health, 35(4), 409-418. doi:10.1002/nur.21483

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Nurse, 32(6), 62-69. doi:10.4037/ccn201252

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