The Ancient Greeks Revolution

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Watch The Ancient Greeks – Episode 1: Revolution

It can be found at: (Links to an external site.) or here

In a short (750 word essay) please answer the following questions:

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What was “the revolution”?  When and where did it take place?  Why?

What was an aristocrat?  What was their role?  How did they achieve and maintain their power?

Why was Greece among the last places one would expect to found a great civilization and empire?  What obstacles did they face?  What did Egypt and the Persians have that the Greeks did not?  How did the Greeks make up for this?

Who were the Spartans?  Who did they rule?  What was a healot?

What inspired the Athenians?  Who was the most important hero?  Why?

What was the staple crop of Athenian agriculture?  Why was this important?

When were the first Olympics held?  How did they change over time?  What was important about these changes?

What happened after Cleisthenes was exiled?  According to the movie, what happened for the first time in 508 BC?  What was Cleisthenes challenge after his return?  What system of government did he create?

Papers should be written in Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with normal margins. Please spell and grammar check.  Your name, course information, date, and word count should be in the upper right hand corner.  Please do not use quotes: put the information into your own words.  Papers with a similarity score over 25% will receive a 0.

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