the current diversity issues that exist within organizations today.

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Read the direction clearly and see the attachment as those are the reference you will use and come up with a topic in the mamangement world.  Ask all the question you need to this needs to be top quality work
> Apply what you learned from those articles to the case you=E2=80=99ve cho=
> Analyze what the organization did in relation to the management issue and
> what recommendations you would make to that organization.
> In all cases, cite your sources as required by the APA Manual and include
> them in a reference list at the end of your paper.  You should not
> include in the reference list at the end of Assignment Seven the
> annotations you included in Assignment Four.
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> Note: with the exception of UCSP611, work for other courses =E2=80=93 at =
> elsewhere =E2=80=93 cannot be included in this paper.  If you=E2=80=99re =
taking UCSP
> concurrent with this course, you can use your work for that course as par=
> of this course.  Beyond that, all work for this course* must be original
> to the course.*
> The Research Paper/Case Study should be 10-12 double-spaced pages,
> exclusive of title page, reference list, addenda, etc.

Annotated Bibliography (Diversity)
Turnitin Score
Sally, K.(2012). Tips for Successful Procurement Processes: A Public Procurement Journal
This Journal has been authored by a credible individual, Sally Kenneth who is well vast in the field of public procurement and has authored for many reputable institutions. This journal that was published in the year 2012 is important for this project since it provides ten main tips with which one can undertake a successful procurement process especially for the cases that involves the government and its projects. This Journal has not been published and it can be found in all national libraries.

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Public Procurement Guidelines: Competitive Process Supply and Management, Government Journal, 2013
This was a Journal published in the year 2013 by the government of United States through its department. It was a journal created to assist many individual who are involved in procurement to understand the basic concepts and means of procuring services as well as goods. It is a journal that was created to eliminate the non information that exists among many individuals who deal directly with the government in procurement. This will be a very credible source for my project since it has been published through the authority of the government.
Raymond, E.(2012). Procurement Policies and Procedures for Departments, Article, Tops man generals
Raymond Estefan has written many articles and books in the field of purchasing, supplies and logistical studies. In this article that he wrote for Tops man generals, he captures the various policies and procedure that an individual would apply in the various departments of organization as well as the government. This article gives the legal as well as the operational procedures and policies that are applicable in procurement.
Mazur, B. Cultural Diversity in Organizational Theory and Practice. Journal of Intercultural Management. 2(2). pp 5-15
This article explains the changes in the external business environment of organizations and why it is becoming important to embrace diversity. The paper will be helpful in developing a strong case to show why it is important for an organization should be diverse in terms of membership composition as well as in ideas on how to tackle problems. The author reviews several aspects of diversity that have been tackled in previous research including race, ethnicity, religion, and gender.  Further, the paper informs readers that while these are primary dimensions of diversity, there are secondary and tertiary aspects as well including education, assumptions, and beliefs. He also gives pointers on how organizations can improve tolerance towards each of the mentioned aspects of diversity. This article will therefore come in handy when making suggestions on improving diversity in organizations that are yet to do so.
Shein, J. , Chanda, A., & D’Netto, B. (2009). Managing Diversity Through Human Resource Management: an international perspective and conceptual framework. The International Journal of Human Resource Management. 20 (2). 235-251
This paper highlights the current diversity issues that exist within organizations today. The writers start by highlighting the common demographic differences that exist between members including age, marital, and social status. They then explain how these primary diversity concepts can give rise to more complex issues that could result in conflict within organizations. However, the most important point the writers make concerns the role of the human resource manager in addressing diversity within organizations. They argue that HR managers should be aware of the differences between members and should assign tasks with this in mind to avoid conflicts. Still, the manager should be a symbol of tolerance in his actions. He should give talks to employees on developing arguments about the roles of leaders in promoting diversity within their organizations.

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