The relationship between resilience and some health behaviour

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The relationship between resilience and some health behaviour

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I’m PhD student, yesterday I send you the first part of my data it was about resilience and health behaviour to find result and discussion and it was good. for today this is the second part of my data and I need the result and discussion by using (SPSS) too and this is the summary of my research questions and aim:
The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between resilient people and their health behaviours.
And resilient people means the people who adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress.
The components of resilience are (Engineering resilience, Ecological Resilience and Adaptive capacity).
Engineering resilience it is the ability to return to stability from the result of a disturbance.
Ecological Resilience The ability to be robust or persistent, and to accommodate or resist a disturbance.
Adaptive capacity the ability to restructure or to manage and accommodate change and to adapt.
This study will investigate the relationship between this components of resilience and some of their health behaviours in terms of:
• physical activity
• Some questions about their use of alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages” means beer, wine, vodka, etc.
• See which habits and behaviours you have incorporated into your life to help you reach your weight loss goals.(Eating habits and behaviors)
1_What is the relationship between the components of resilience (Engineering resilience, Ecological Resilience and Adaptive) and Health Behaviours.
2_ how resilient people describe their health behaviours?
I will upload the (SPSS) file to find the result ,
Thank you

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