The US Health Care Economy

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The US Health Care Economy

The US Health Care Economy

Paper details:

Last week, you submitted a paper of 4–5 pages and a PowerPoint presentation to explain the competitive ability of acquiring a surgical robot unit for your orthopedic center. Review the recommendations of your instructor and your peers, and make the appropriate changes to your work.

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Write an aIDitional 4–5 pages in response to the following:
•How do providers influence the decisions that patients make? What type of decisions do patients make as a natural consequence of the influence from providers and physicians? ?Consider the provider setting, treatment type, and method of reimbursement when formulating a response.

•How are insurance plans (including government payers) impacted by the decisions that patients and their doctors make? ?Consider supply and demand concepts when formulating a response.

•How are physicians and patients regulated by government? ?Describe how the regulatory environment will impact the health care economy when formulating a response.
AID 3–5 more slides to your presentation covering this aIDitional information

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