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The course research project is a more formal research project on a specific theatre topic studied or prominent in the field.  The project could be on one of the theatrical topics listed below…or elect to pick a topic of your own (with approval by the instructor).
Early Theatre: The Greek City Dionysia Festival
Japanese Kabuki Theatre
Christopher Marlowe: The Other Elizabethan Playwright
Lord Chamberlain’s Men
London’s Historic Drury Lane Theatre
Tennessee Williams and Society’s Outcasts
American Musicals by Stephen Sondheim
Theatre in Prisons
The Tony Awards
Stage Musicals on Film
Areas that could be covered by this presentation include (but are not limited by) the following:
a general history of the period, event, playwright, etc.
staging and production conventions, if applicable
plays and/or other related productions produced
audience responses to or involvement in theatre
Unlike other assignments in this course, the project is not necessarily a normal written essay (though an enhanced written research project would be acceptable).  Think originality and creativity…that is, graphics, charts, images/videos, Powerpoint/Prezi programs, audio or visual presentations, etc. are all accepted and encouraged.  If created in Word, 5-7 pages is recommended; if created in Powerpoint/Prezi, 12-14 panels is suggested.  Worth 30 points, your project can be turned in at any time during the semester, but is due no later than Wed Dec 13.  Early submissions are encouraged and will always be accepted.  This project is graded according to the Course Research Project Rubric.

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