Topic Urban Health Profile on age 15 -17 years (Pregnancy)

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(A) REPORT ISSUE: should include the health issue (teenage pregnancy), target population group (age 15-17) and the area (London Borough of Lewisham)

(B) INTRODUCTION: brief overview of the urban health issue and signposting to show the sections you will include in the work. (With definition)

(C) RATIONALE of why this is an urban health issue – identify and explain the evidence including epidemiological data you will use to show why this is an urban health problem.

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(D) Explain the urban context and determinants that you will look at to explain the impact on the health issue. If you are looking at the same topic and borough as before, you can draw on the urban health profile. Remember to draw on the wider context, including London if you are looking at a London borough.

(E) Identify and explain the public health consequences and implications of this urban health problem that impact on the general populations, on the individual and on the health health services.

(F) Explain what strategies and interventions for addressing this urban health problem you will critique in the paper.

(G) What recommendations and conclusions you expect to make ?

NOTE: Discuss the sickcity hypothesis and urban health penalty / Discuss teenage pregnancy among black minority groups linking with globalization.

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