US National Security Strategy

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Assignment (6-8 pages)
For this assignment, you will prepare a written analysis of the most current US National Security Strategy (which can be found here), from a geopolitical perspective. Your analysis should address the following questions:
1.   (1) Which geopolitical theory, if any, is most clearly reflected in NSS 2
Question 1:
Compare and contrast the theories  in your view?
2.   (2) What are the main geopolitical challenges that are identified in the NSS 2015?
3.   (3) Which geopolitical threats does the NSS 2015 not address sufficiently? Explain why you believe this is the case.
4.   (4) Which of the geopolitical threats/challenges identified in the NSS 2015 is the leastimportant/significant? Why?
5.   (5) Can the most important geopolitical challenges identified in NSS 2015 best be addressed with air, land, or sea power (or another element of power)? Why?

Instructions for Assignment:
Use 12 pt. font and double-space.

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