Using Telemedicine to Provide High Quality Care for Quarantined Patients

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Using Telemedicine to Provide High Quality Care for Quarantined Patients

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Participant will use Value Based Analysis as a framework applicable to using Nurse Practitioners and telemedicine to quarantine exposed patients in a home setting rather than exposing other people or contaminating a hospital.
This assignment is based on using Nurse Practitioners to provide direct patient care in home quarantine settings. For example, ebola, MERS, SARS. A patient may be sequestered by the department of health to stay at home until successfully curred. The idea is to prevent the spread of contamination. My proposal would have a Nurse Practitioner provide the direct patient care while wearing smart glasses (google glasses) to transmit real time findings back to a subject matter expert anywhere in the world. The term we use is ?reachback? for consultation. The glasses would also create a record for documentation, measure progress, and quality improvement. These concepts are currently used in Afghanistan and Iraq to see and hear everything the nurse practitioner sees and hears. The data could also be used for real time consultation with a specialist. The nurse practitioner wear the glasses, get consent, data transmittion is incripted (HIPPA) and the patient is treated at home without infecting other people or contaminating an emergency department or hospital. This is most important when dealing with multiple patients. Imagine 200 people infected
Provide an overview of the framework with rationale (why and how it applies to the specific project). Explain how this framework pertains to the development of your project proposal by integrating or using an example with your discussion. Be sure to incorporate evidence based literature and research into this discussion! Utilizing the Value Based Cost Analysis framework, develop a business analysis for your identified project.
This proposal should include: introduction with project description; overview of framework; rationale; evidence-based research; financial analysis pertinent to the framework. Integrate into the executive summary a discussion of how this particular project ?fits? in the current health care environment in terms of access, quality, and/ or cost. (10 pages, double spaced, APA style).

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