Violence, gangs, and drug trafficking (IR Latin American Course)

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Violence, gangs, and drug trafficking (IR: Latin American Course)

Attached are the readings (Corchado, part 1, pages 1-80 only, Colombia_Conflict, and Bagely_drugs). Also attached will be the reading response questions (four questions which should be answered based on the articles provided)
Please make sure to directly refer to the authors when answering the questions, and please make sure to always provide evidence from the readings to support your position. Please use simple words as i am not a native speaker. Ill be using this reading response for the in class discussion so please keep it clear and brief so that it could easily be understood and most importantly making it easy for me to explain it to the class. No quotations, and when citing please cite the exact page number. Let me know if you have any questions.

Reading Response Questions:

1) Grey examines Colombian violence as a civil war. What evidence does she offer for that definition? By those criteria, is the violence in Mexico indicative of a civil war?
2) Are the strategies employed against the drug trade in Colombia likely to have the same effects in Mexico?
3) Chodor discussed the Pink Tide as a counter-hegemony to neo-liberal globalization. The report mentioned in Bagley’s first footnote called seven years ago for a paradigm shift on drug policy that still has not occurred. What roles do the prevailing hegemony and globalization play in the drug-related violence enveloping the region, according to Bagley?
4) Based on the readings, raise a critical question that you would like to ask, and specify why do you think the question is relevant?

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