Week 18 Conductors

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Electric Fields



In step 9 you are asked to draw the conductors’ locations on the graph paper and label them with the voltage readings of your voltmeter.


In step 10 you are asked “How far does this path go? Sketch this pattern on your graph paper and label the line with the voltage you chose”


In step 12 you are asked to predict the path it would take by drawing a line with your colored pen or pencil.




A.    What generalizations can you make from this exploration?


B.     Where would a positive test charge have the least potential energy?


C.     How much energy must you add to the system to move 1 electron 1 m in a direction along one of the equal potential lines?


D.    If lightning strikes a tree 20 m away would it be better to stand facing the tree, your back to the tree, or your side to the tree? Assume your feet are a comfortable shoulder width apart.  Explain your answer.






Note:  Your results will look different from the sample above since you will use a rectangular dish, place your conductors in different positions, and use a 1.5V battery, but it still illustrates the concept of electric field mapping.

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