What are the shared components of culture? Name them and give real life examples.

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Please use the links  that I have provided to cite the questions that associate that specific chapter. Please ensure to be very detailed with the answers . They should be answered in a essay format. Be advised each questions has multiple parts . If you quote from the book, useproper APA formatting.  Please number your answers as I number your questions. Your paragraph(s) should include a topic sentence, at least four supporting sentences and a transition or a concluding sentence.  Formatting should be Times New Roman 12 font and double-spaced between each response. The exam should be 3-4 pages.
Be careful when you read the questions. Pay attention to what is being asked for. Please make sure to address each question fully and in your own words. Here are all the links you may need: Chapter 4
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 14
1. A) What are the shared components of culture? Name them and give real life examples.
1.B) Define and explain Pre-Industrial and Industrial societies according to Gerhard Lenski. Give examples. (Chapter 4) What are the shared components of culture? Name them and give real life examples
2.A) What does global stratification refer to?
2.B) During the Cold War era (19451980), world countries were classified as first world, second world, and third world nations based on respective economic development and standards of living. Nowadays, this language is no longer used. Rather countries are classified and categorized based on World Bank Economic Classification by Income. What are these categorizations? Name them and give examples for each. (Chapter 10)
3. Distinguish between monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, and polygyny as covered in Chapter 14! First define the concepts and then provide real life examples for each case (think of examples on your own).
Which do we have as a US cultural norm?
4.Define Assimilation, Pluralism, Segregation, and Genocide? First outline the concepts and then provide examples for each case from the US or world history (or current events). (Openstax College, Chapter 11)

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