What challenges do organizations face, How can they prepare to handle them effectively?

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Question description
write a concise position statement identifying current issues with respect to global business based on current events. What challenges do organizations face? How can they prepare to handle them effectively?
Any current issues, need to identifying both bad and good side, and choice one side to explan. approximate one page. individual work!! work Cited needed.
Attachment are text book and lecture note.
This course will explore the fundamentals of the technologies, relationships, systems, processes and possibilities created by this critical managerial competency. The organization is examined as a complex system of interconnected business processes. The role of IT to enable the organization to operate, collaborate and make decisions to meet strategic and tactical objectives is explored. Recent advances, issues and trends in information systems management will be discussed. Topics include: The sociotechnical view of systems, IT and software development; the importance and challenges of knowledge management within organizations; developing and managing information systems; data analytics; the roles of the Internet and secure communications technologies, etc. Substantial use of real-world projects, case studies and hands-on assignments are employed. Upon completion of this course students will have an appreciation of the important contribution IT makes to the success of organizations and how it helps management to make decisions, manage risk, and achieve strategic objectives.

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