What is Advertising?

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Assignment 1
What is Advertising?

    JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising is designed to introduce students to the world of advertising.  The first case is an easy one.  Write a 250-word essay that answers the question: What is advertising?
    Be sure to include a definition of advertising in your essay.  The expectation is that, at some point early on in your work, the phrase, Advertising is . . .  will occur and will be completed with a concise definition from an attributed source. Please point out how each of the following marketing activities is included in or excluded from your definition:
    a.     A Murray State University recruiter visits a high school to persuade students to enroll at Murray State.
    b.     An ad agency copywriter writes a selling song for a radio commercial.
    c.    Hilton Hotels surveys its consumers to discover how they react to a new line of hotel accommodations.
    d.     Gillette sends 18-year-old men a coupon in the mail so that they can buy a new style of the razor at half price.
CONTENT:  1) The essay should be your best analysis of the question, supported by reference to the text or other generally acceptable references on the subject. Your unsupported opinion, while charming, is of little interest. In sum: You should read the book before you write.  2) The essay should reflect an understanding of the nature of advertising and may consider the distinction between advertising, public relations, personal selling and marketing if any.
FORM:  Your essay will be typed, double-spaced. It should not be longer than 250 words.  Your essay is due at the beginning of class.
STYLE: Grammar and spelling must meet generally accepted University standards.
    You must cite your sources and you must include a bibliography page.  You may use any appropriate academic style sheet (APA, MLA, Chicago, The Bluebook, etc.).  You should have learned one of these in ENG 105 or in high school.  A quick guide to APA style is available on the Canvas site.

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